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  • Margaret Page

Manners Matter: 5 Global Etiquette Challenges of the Digital Age

Each year we find ourselves wrestling with a host of manners challenges that span the globe. With society, technology, and cultural interactions evolving at breakneck speed, it can make for turbulent time. Do you resonate with any of the following five manner-related challenges? Please share your thoughts!  

1. Digital Etiquette: Oh, the digital age – a double-edged sword, isn't it? The expansion of technology and the wild world of social media bring interesting challenges our way. From cyberbullying to oversharing personal details online, and let's not forget the occasional misuse of our beloved communication platforms. Navigating the web while being respectful and empathetic can be a bit like treading through a minefield.

2. Virtual Communication: Thanks to COVID-19, we have been catapulted into the era of remote work, virtual meetings, and online events. Remember those moments when you had to show up for a Zoom call in your PJs and pretend it was all normal? Maintaining some sense of virtual decorum—like being on time, curbing distractions, and remembering to mute your mic—is now our daily mission for professionalism and effective communication.

3. Cultural Sensitivity: In this increasingly global world, we find ourselves interacting with people from all walks of life. Navigating the diverse cultural nuances, steering clear of cultural blunders, and practicing inclusivity is vital to foster respect and understanding. More of an opportunity than a challenge, it’s imperative to be our best, most sensitive selves as we broaden our connections and demonstrate respect.  

4. Table Manners in Diverse Settings: Oh, the joys of international travel and cultural encounters! Figuring out how to eat new foods, use utensils and where to sit at the dining table are an adventurous challenge. No faux pas, please! We have to quickly adapt to various dining customs to show our utmost respect.

5. Balancing Technology and Face-to-Face Interactions: In the age of smartphones, striking the right balance between participating in meaningful conversations and avoiding excessive screen time has become a modern skill. Mastering this art allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the present, fostering a profound sense of connection and genuine engagement with others.

These manners challenges show us that it's not just about clinging to tradition. It's about taking established, tried-and-true manners and giving them a modern twist, staying culturally aware, and mastering the art of technology while keeping our communication respectful and empathetic. As the world keeps evolving, and so do our manners challenges. Stay tuned and keep rocking those contemporary manners!

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