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Empowering Leaders, Teams And Individuals With The Essential Skills To Be More Professional And Impactful.

Team Dynamics

Team dynamics are the conscious and unconscious forces that affect a team or group’s productivity, effectiveness and your firm’s bottom line.

You know when those dynamics are off: There is a lack of trust, poor overall performance, ineffective communication, and low accountability. When teams fail, work fails. But there is a way to overcome these challenges and get back to the core of your firm’s mission.


After my training sessions, every member of your team will understand how their individual talents play a defining role in the overall strength of the group. We’ll focus on concrete steps each person can take toward greater cooperation, accountability, and productivity.  

Cultural Intelligence

Powerful technology allows us to connect with teams around the world, opening up new opportunities while adding a subtle layer of complexity to every interaction. Preparation is an essential part of the communication process.

Cultural intelligence helps people be sensitive to cultural barriers and react with empathy and understanding. Through cultural intelligence training, your teams will be better equipped to work with people of different nationalities and traditions while creating a more inclusive environment.

As a longtime entrepreneur, I’ve seen firsthand the difference cultural intelligence and etiquette can make as people strive toward their academic and career aspirations. I’ve helped everyone from front-line associates and CEOs develop essential people skills that have increased their confidence in day-to-day interactions.

Whether you are a CEO, sales person, dignitary, or ESL student, my coaching will teach you the benefits of a culturally intelligent work environment:

  • Improved understanding of your global stakeholders

  • Better decision-making processes

  • Fewer barriers to effective communication

  • The ability to attract and retain top talent

  • Faster responses to international market changes

If attracting business in today’s culturally diverse marketplace is important to you and your team, call me today for cultural intelligence training.

Effective Communication

Ever wonder why some people are super charismatic and others struggle? Or why some leaders are born speakers and others muddle through conversations? Maybe you’ve experienced the clammy palms and heart palpitations that bedevil people who are afraid of public speaking.

 If you or a team member has a communication problem, but you are unsure where to start, I can identify the issue and help with the following:

  • Improve your understanding of verbal and on-verbal cues

  • Develop deeper relationships by being a better listener (professionally and personally)

  • Discover confidence and clarity

  • Learn proper digital communication techniques

  • Hone basic presentation skills for in-person and virtual meetings

My communication training can help you and your teams enjoy breakthroughs at every level of your organization. Call me to learn how fewer communication errors can lead to a wealth of success. 

Boardroom Readiness

Every board member must understand at the bare minimum the basics of parliamentary procedure — it’s the key to being heard and unlocks the door to clearer decision making. As a longtime volunteer leader, I’m a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians and have seen how greater understanding can help eliminate confusion. My board preparation training will:

  • Make you look more professional while running meetings

  • Enhance your career opportunities

  • Improve your ability to join boards

  • Help you understand and prepare for important meetings

My programs are available for individuals and teams and can be customized as keynote speeches, virtual training, classroom settings and one to two-day workshops. Kickstart your career advancement with my board preparation training and attract the roles and positions you are looking for!


Communication is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life.

Catherine Pulsifer

Customer Love

Lesley Raymond

Manager of Business Development & Member Engagement, Delta Chamber of Commerce

Margaret shared a valuable presentation with us (Lights, Camera Action! How to be a Zoom Master) through the Delta Chamber of Commerce. I was impressed by her knowledge and her professionalism, and wouldn't hesitate to have her present to our members again.

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