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Business Etiquette,

Team Dynamics & Cultural Intelligence Expert.

My Story

I adored my older brother while I was growing up in Canada. When I was 9, he was invited to a dinner party and I begged him to take me along. He reluctantly agreed after I swore not to embarrass him.

When we were seated at the host’s house, I politely took food from every plate that was passed to me. I took three grapes from a bowl, popped one in my mouth, and quickly discovered it was an olive! As I looked at my brother’s fuming face, I realized I had done the one thing I promised I wouldn’t.

I’ve always been a learner, though, and soon after I persuaded my parents to buy me Emily Post’s famous etiquette book. I was determined to never embarrass myself or my companions again.

Now, I help others overcome their fears and develop the confidence they need to reach their potential. Over the years, my travels, business experience and training has helped me guide my clients and evolve. This work has been my passion since 2011, and every day I’m grateful my childhood mistake led to a new world of possibility.

Business Etiquette, Team Dynamics and Cultural Intelligence Expert

As owner of Etiquette Page Enterprises and Beyond the Page Coaching, I started my first business at 21 and have since owned and operated multiple businesses in both Canada and the United States. I am a proven business leader, respected coach, and notable business etiquette expert who is known for my work with entrepreneurs, ranging from the inexperienced to high-powered CEOs.

Professional Speaker and Toastmasters President

Having served as President of Toastmasters International, I believe leadership should not be a mountain that you climb just to get to the top. Instead, it is about making a difference and positively impacting lives within your circles of influence.

I may be a Distinguished Toastmaster now, but I did not start off this way. Early on in my career, I owned a chain of hair salons which grew to be very successful, and I was recognized for my efforts by being asked to speak at a conference about our team’s achievement. Although I felt honoured and excited for the opportunity, I declined. The thought of speaking in front of hundreds of people paralyzed me.

When I failed to step up to the plate, I felt like I let my team down.

I became determined to overcome my fears. I joined Toastmasters and found my voice, stepped into my potential, and came into my own as a leader. From the first time I hesitantly stood up to speak, I have not looked back or stopped growing.

Motivational speaking is now one of my favourite ways to connect with clients. There’s nothing I like more than instigating ideas, demolishing limiting beliefs, or inspiring others.

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Above all, be the heroine of your life,

not the victim.

Nora Ephron

Certified Coach

I hold multiple coaching/protocol designations, and have studied at the following institutions:


  • Protocol School of Washington

  • CoachU

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • Gottman Institute

  • Matrix Essential Training Alliance

  • Cultural Intelligence Center

  • National Association of Parliamentarians

  • WXN Get on Board governance training. 

  • eCornell University

Design Book


A published author, I have contributed to Blueprint for Success, a book featuring chapters by Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and other business experts. I am also the author of Power of Polite, an etiquette guide and The Finding Happy Planner.

Customer Love

Lesley Raymond

Manager of Business Development & Member Engagement, Delta Chamber of Commerce

Margaret shared a valuable presentation with us (Lights, Camera Action! How to be a Zoom Master) through the Delta Chamber of Commerce. I was impressed by her knowledge and her professionalism, and wouldn't hesitate to have her present to our members again.

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