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Beach Hair & Sandy Feet – Easy Breezy Summer Days!

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for summer to arrive! Summer means enjoying all the best that the good weather has to offer, like going to my local beach to relax. I love the feel of the warm sand between my toes, cooling off with a swim, then topping off the day with a picnic or a good read on a beach chair. If you’re heading to your local beach anytime soon, here are some thoughts to keep in mind to make it enjoyable for yourself and others.

Sandy Beach

Keep it Clean

In an early episode of Mad Men, Don Draper’s family left a picnic by simply shaking their blanket and leaving the trash behind! Times have changed – and for the better. When disposing of your waste at the beach, make sure you use the proper recycling and garbage disposal bins. Not only does it keep the beach pristine for others, it keeps the bees and ants from gathering where they’re not wanted.

Shake It

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to shake the sand out of your towel. Just remember to move away from fellow beach-goers so they don’t have to rub the sand out of their eyes and off their lotion.

Playful Pooch?

A dog may be man’s best friend, but when it comes to beaches, make sure you know if the beach is an off-leash area. You don’t want — your playful pooch sniffing somebody’s fish and chips or becoming too friendly with somebody’s leg.

PDA - too much Personal?

Taking your main squeeze to the lake for a beach day and picnic is super romantic. So is holding hands while watching the sunset. Other PDAs like wandering hands and constant smooching are best kept for private moments and away from the beach.

Know the ‘skinny’ on Nude Sunbathing

Clothing optional beaches are no longer exclusive to Europe and South America and are getting much more popular in parts of North America. If going to the beach in your birthday suit — suits your lifestyle, you can probably find one near you. Some provinces and states have adopted ‘top freedom’ ordinances that allow both men and women to go topless at public beaches. Do your research first but remember either way, taking photos or staring is a definite no-no.

Turn Down the Tunes

With today’s technology, it’s tempting to turn up the sound while listening to your favourite playlist on your fully charged device while at the beach. Too bad not everybody loves Adele or Coldplay. I mean there’s really no accounting for taste! All seriousness aside, keep the volume to a level that doesn’t interfere with your neighbour’s conversations. If you do want it louder, there’s no harm in asking the people next to you first.

Wine O’Clock

Bringing your favourite Pinot Gris to the beach with your picnic dinner sounds like a fabulous idea until you’re slapped with a fine for consuming alcohol in public. Suddenly, it’s not such a fabulous idea! Best practices dictate that you check the laws in your state or province before you pop the cork or open that cold one at the beach.  This applies to public beaches and parks and for boat operators as well.

Lifeguard Love

Beaches can be crowded places when it’s 30° Celsius outside. Who doesn’t love to cool off with a swim at the lake or paddleboard at the nearest beach? Sadly, stats indicate that on average, around 473 annual water related fatalities occur in Canada alone (Canadian Drowning Report). The take-away here? Always, always follow the rules posted at the lifeguard station and steer clear of a rescue operation unless asked for assistance.

Game On!

Beach Frisbee, kite-flying and beach volleyball are perfect activities for the lazy summer days at the beach. At least until your frisbee throw ends up landing in your neighbour’s beach BBQ. Oops! Be respectful and take those beach games far enough away from the crowded areas so you don’t have any mishaps that may hurt somebody.

Lastly, don’t forget the Aussie rule of ‘slip, slap, slop’. Slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and slop on the sunscreen to avoid sun stroke and sunburns. Happy beach days!


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