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3 Unique Gift Ideas for 2023: No Mall Shopping Required

You can feel it in the air every time you walk into a shop: It’s holiday crunch time. If you’re still struggling to decide on meaningful gifts for your friends and family, rest easy. I have a few ideas you might not have considered yet. And the best part? No need to go to a crowded mall to make them happen.


Gifts of insight: If your gift recipient always knows when Mercury is in retrograde and has their Enneagram type in their LinkedIn bio, a gift of insight could be exactly what they need to start 2024 off right. Try a gift card for a Human Design course, an Enneagram personality test, a tarot reading, or an astrological birth chart reading. These types of presents are always fun and unexpected, and they’re especially wonderful for people who are going through major changes or who have recently experienced upheaval.

Gifts of knowledge: Gifts of knowledge work for people of all ages, from recently graduated college students to retired grandfathers. This year, I’m gifting the Rule #1 book and paying for the livestreamed workshop — talk about a gift that keeps on giving! The investment knowledge Phil Town shares can be lifechanging.


I also love gifting a subscription to MasterClass, which features in-depth courses from experts and celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to learn the art of home cooking from Alice Waters or sales techniques from Daniel Pink while lounging in their PJs?

For something a little more down-to-earth, try a Craftsy subscription. Your recipient can choose from 2,000 videos about baking, photography, jewelry-making, quilting, drawing … really, anything that requires some hands-on creative know-how.  

Gifts of experiences: Often, my closest girlfriends and I don’t exchange gifts at all; instead, we give each other experiences. I use Hidden and Airbnb Experiences to track down under-the-radar events in my area, then plan an epic time out. My girlfriends and I recently went to an interactive production of “Mamma Mia!”, and I have to tell you that it was 100 times more memorable than any physical gift I could have presented.


What about you? Do you have any gift hacks or last-minute ideas? Let us all know so we can get inspired — after all, time is quickly running out on the holiday season!

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