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Preparation is Key for Interviews!

Competition is fierce in today’s job market. Quite often, job seekers find themselves competing with up to 100 other people, hoping to be short-listed for the interviews.

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  1. Research your potential employer, the industry, and any recent developments or initiatives. Commit a few key facts to memory and mention them when the opportunity appears.

  2. Learn what you can about the interviewer(s). Study their social media profiles if you can to find out more about their background, interests and employment history. Find some commonality!

  3. Select your outfit the day before, making sure it is clean, pressed, fits well and flatters. Refrain from wearing anything low cut, short, tight. If you’re unsure about the dress code, dress “up” rather than “down” (i.e., dress a more formal way rather than a more casual way).

  4. Be freshly groomed, including nails, hair and face – and remember, no fragrances.

  5. Make sure the vehicle you drive to yours interviews is clean. Some employers view how you maintain your car as a reflection of how you’ll take care of their tools or equipment.

  6. Familiarize yourself with your destination so you are sure to arrive as scheduled.

  7. Arrive early enough to make a quick stop at the rest room to check your hair, teeth, and clothing.

  8. This is a given, but make sure you know your resume inside and out.

  9. Use the product/service ahead of time if this is appropriate.

Each step sets you up to feel relaxed and confident when the pressure is on. Interviews will be much easier to get through if you are prepared. Next week: Sharpen Your Interview Skills


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