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Keep Calm and Cycle on!

  1. Safety is your number one priority

  2. Ensure your bike is in good working condition before you head out for a cycle (tires are fully inflated, chain is greased, brakes and gears are functioning properly)

  3. Always wear a helmet, even though it might look dorky. See #1!

  4. Wear reflective gear if you’re venturing out at dusk

  5. Make yourself highly visible at all times. Avoid getting in a driver’s blind spot, especially at street corners and stoplights

  6. Add a light to the front and back of your bike. Visibility, again, is a big one, and a light is a must to be safe on the roads after daylight

  7. Hook up a bell to your bike. Being heard is just as important as been seen!

  8. Wear proper clothing. Choose clothing and shoes that are comfortable and suit your bicycle. You don’t want anything to get caught in the wheels (or reveal too much skin!) Padded riding shorts are best for long distances or when you will be cycling over several days.

  9. Protective eyewear is a great idea. Avid cyclists find ski goggles work the best. They protect much of your face and they’re fog proof!

  10. Red means stop. Obey the rules of the road-both at traffic lights and stop signs. (Did I mention…Safety first?)

  11. Know and use arm signals: a. Left arm straight out to signal a left turn b. Right arm straight out for a right turn (or left arm upright at a 90-degree angle) c. Palm or fist behind your lower back to signal slowing or stopping (when in a group)

  12. Stay to the right when in front of a group of cyclists to allow room for others to pass safely on your left

  13. Communicate when riding with a group. If you see a hazard up ahead, let your fellow cyclists know about it

  14. Maintain a steady, straight line and avoid braking or changing direction suddenly

  15. Never try to push your rights with vehicles (if in doubt…yield)

  16. Plan your route stick to approved cycle trails when you can

  17. Drink lots of water

  18. Bring your fully-charged cell phone for emergencies (and photos!)

  19. If you are cycling alone, make sure you tell someone where you are headed and when to expect you back

  20. Have Fun!

  21. More Bike month info


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