To Gift or Not to Gift: Office Gift Giving Etiquette Tips

December 8, 2017

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During the holidays, the rules for gift giving in the workplace are tricky. Many people are simply unsure of the protocol when it comes to inter-cubicle gift giving.

How much should I spend on a coworker?

Should I buy for my boss?

What should I buy my staff?

 All of these questions are common this time of year.

Gift giving during the holiday season provides you with an opportunity to say “thank you” to those people who have supported you during the year—and that includes coworkers and mentors.

There are no mandatory holiday gift giving rules when it comes to how much to spend, however, some workplaces have guidelines in place that you must adhere to when giving gifts at the office. A good rule of thumb is to spend no more than the tax credit allowed in your country for professional gifts. In the U.S., the IRS allows a $25 tax deduction for each professional gift.

When buying for your boss, keep in mind that he likely has enough gadgets and trinkets. Be modest and consider doing something unique this year, such as making a donation to one of his or her favorite charities in the recipient’s name.

If you’re the boss, it’s a good idea to keep your radar up all year—listening in for your employees’ hobbies and interests. This will save you time choosing the perfect gift to give each one during the holidays. And it will make them feel appreciated!

Some gift-giving inspiration 

Just can’t figure out what to buy? Here are a few ideas for you:

If you’re thinking about giving gifts to your customers this year, make sure you think about this first:

The most important aspect of gift giving is that it comes from your heart so if you’re wondering where to draw the line, go with your instincts. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of giving a particular person a gift, then don’t do it.

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