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Etiquette Testimonials

“I now feel I would be comfortable dining with dignitaries. Without the etiquette class, I could never have said that.”

— Dana Schultz
Las Vegas, NV

“I am most impressed with Margaret Page’s talent and style. She offers just the right blend of enthusiasm and attention, making learning an enjoyable experience. I am now confident, knowing that I present myself with impact and grace.”

— Dawn Miller

“We had Margaret do a couple of presentations to our members, with wonderful feedback from everyone that attended. Her business and business etiquette knowledge is, I believe, unsurpassed and she makes learning fun. I would recommend her to any business or business association.”

— Bonnie Krakalovich, Office Manager
Powell River Living Magazine

“Margaret offers the right blend of enthusiasm and attention, making learning an enjoyable experience. I feel confident knowing I present myself now with impact and grace.”

— Donna Cochran
Las Vegas, NV


“I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. Margaret taught me so much in a short time. Knowledgable and always fun, Margaret made the coaching session interactive, interesting, and highly rewarding. Dinners won’t be the same.

— Flavio Mikami
Vancouver, BC

Speaking Testimonials

“I have worked with Margaret and had the opportunity to observe her as a leader, a speaker and a consultant. In each case she exhibited an extraordinary drive to deliver excellence. Margaret is a high energy, proactive, take charge individual who sees the opportunity in every situation and compels others to excel. She is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend Margaret for any endeavor.”

— Shelley McDade, CEO
Sunshine Coast Credit Union

“Powell River Women in Business hired Margaret on two separate occasions and both times, she went above and beyond. Margaret is a passionate teacher, leader and speaker who works hard at her craft. She connects with her audience and makes people feel valued. Besides being well prepared and meeting the seminar objectives, Margaret made sure that both sessions were fun! I would highly recommend Margaret as a workshop leader and motivational speaker.”

— Isabelle Southcott, Owner/Publisher
Powell River Living Magazine

“Margaret Page has an extensive background in public speaking and making connections with an audience in workshops and seminars. She provides professional and practical advice that will make any workshop, seminar or individual presentation a success.”

— Leena Wright, Independent Facilities Services Professional
Sunshine Coast Community Foundation

“Margaret has stellar communications in every way, is an outstanding public speaker, was consistent in her message and was excellent in her teambuilding. She commands a great deal of respect from many people; a true leader who does things right!”

— Kathrin Lake
Toastmasters International

“Margaret Page is a dynamic speaker and coach who prepares exponentially for her presentations which is obvious by the results she receives. Whether it is ‘how to’ or simply to be inspired, Margaret is the champion you are looking for!”

— Gene Vickers, Lieutenant Governor of Marketing
Toastmasters District 21

“Margaret is a very personable speaker and delivered an engaging, fun and valuable workshop called ‘What’s your next bold move?’ The information was useful, providing the listeners with many inspiring and thought provoking ideas to be successful in whatever their next ‘Bold Move’ might be.”

— Cathy Russell
North Vancouver

“I really enjoyed Margaret’s workshop. She really engaged us all and got us excited to ask ourselves some deeper questions, and actually answer them! I loved the sharing we did, and how it brought our whole group together. A fantastic way for us to get closer, so that we can work more easily together.”

— Rheja Gilchrist

“Margaret Page delivered a fast paced, entertaining, thought provoking presentation. Three hours flew by. Loved it.”

— Noreen Brower

“Margaret Page has chops and shares what she knows. Her workshops are engaging, lively, and sprinkled with quick insights and flash demonstrations that return to mind just when you need them. Highly recommended.”

— John P.

Executive Coaching Testimonials

“Margaret is one of the most focused and energetic people I know. She IS the most inspiring individual I know and it has always been a pleasure working on various projects with her. I would recommend Margaret Page as your mentor if change and growth are what you are after.”

— James Redfern, President
GRRip World Inc.

“Working with Margaret as my coach has been a growth experience. She uses reflective listening to help me ‘hear’ my own voice and take action towards my dreams. In the hectic, entrepreneurial life I lead, it is too easy to focus on tasks rather than focusing on the future. Margaret helps me to keep on course.”

— Dawn Miller, Partners
H&R Block—Sechelt

“Margaret excels as a coach through terrific listening and customizing her coaching to the uniqueness of her clients. We have the answers, but when I was paralyzed with possibilities, not knowing which way to go, Margaret deftly guided me through all the foundational steps of values, goal-setting and on to what’s next. I have clarity of purpose that I would have never had without Margaret’s respectful, supportive and caring coaching sessions.”

— Jade Gritzfeld, Training Facilitator
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

“What drew me to Margaret Page is initially her business background, however, the more I’ve worked with her the more I realized it was much more than that. It’s easy to become very jilted and bitter in business when you’ve operated one for a long time. Margaret is exceptionally gifted looking at a person’s life as a balanced process, juggling business machine and one’s value in life (outside of work). This process inspires faith, not in one’s abilities but also a certain level of enlightenment and scope under her mentorship.”

— Siew Ling Chow, Graphic Designer

“Margaret has helped me to create and clarify my goals. From this foundation, I was able to build the practical strategies and action steps that would help me achieve all that I had envisioned. Margaret’s inspiration has given me the confidence to move ahead in new and rewarding ways.”

— Paul Whitlock, Telecom Consultant
London, England

“Margaret Page has helped me achieve clarity and create a positive environment where I can grow and reach my full potential. I have been able to change my outlook on life with her guidance and support. I look forward to each session with great enthusiasm!”

— Nicci Brown, Small Business Owner
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Beyond the Page coaching has helped me achieve my goals! It has helped me realize that I am a special person and I have a responsibility to myself to develop and nurture my talents. Margaret’s caring manner and input is a great help to women like myself, who strive to reach their personal and professional potential. I have enjoyed every session, thank-you!”

— Doris Gill
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Business Coaching Testimonials

“Margaret was hired as a business coach for most of a year. We met on a weekly basis over the phone and she made herself available at all times. Margaret provided me with a number of strategies to assist in increasing my effectiveness as a commissioned sales person. I continue to benefit from my year spent with Margaret with results that continue to grow exponentially. It was great value for money spent and we remain close friends. I would unhesitatingly recommend her for executive coaching to anyone interested in taking their business to the next level.”

— Don Allan, Financial Advisor
Sunlife Financial

“Margaret provided professional and knowledgeable service when working with SCCU on a consulting project. She is very personable and is able to build rapport quickly with others.”

— September Dixon, Human Resources Manager
Sunshine Coach Credit Union

Political Coaching Testimonials

“Margaret works with each individual in a unique way to develop their strengths. I found that her unbiased observations and well thought out reflective listening encouraged me to take realistic risks and learn from the results. She accurately identified the times when I needed to be nudged into action and also the times I needed to stop and take stock of the direction I was heading. Life coaching is a delicate art, and one that Margaret has mastered to perfection.”

—Barb Hobson, Candidate

Partial Client List

Clients of Margaret Page

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