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Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette Tips

December 10, 2017


Gift giving, especially during the holiday season when everything is so shiny and bright, can be fun! But holiday gift giving can also be tricky. For example: Do you buy a gift for your boss? What do you do when you’re caught by surprise—when someone gives you a gift and you find yourself empty-handed? Do you rush out and purchase a gift?

Keep in mind that the most important aspect of gift giving is that it comes from your heart. It’s truly a gesture of appreciation extended to those who have touched us in some way throughout the year.

If you receive a gift, graciously thank the gift-giver. If you don’t have one to reciprocate, remember the gift-giver isn’t giving you a gift simply to get one in return. A simple, “How thoughtful of you. Thank you so much,” will be appreciated by the gift-giver.

Other gift-giving tips include:

  • Avoid giving holiday gifts that have your logo on it. Gift-giving is a way to show your gratitude.
  • Stick to your budget. It really is the thought that counts.
  • Include a gift receipt. This tells the person that it’s OK to exchange the gift.
  • Your boss would probably prefer you save your money or purchase gifts for others rather than them. It can also make fellow employees uncomfortable if some people give a gift to the boss. Alternatively get together and purchase a group gift for the boss.
  • If you’re exchanging gifts with a colleague (or just a select few), be discreet. Choose a time before or after work hours to exchange gifts.
  • Regifting is tricky– my advice is to avoid it. If it is discovered that you have regifted, it’s uncomfortable for everyone.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to give a gift to someone who doesn’t celebrate the same holiday.

In addition to gift-giving etiquette questions, this it the time “who to tip”—and how much to tip—is a topic of concern for some. Here are a few tips for holiday tipping that will help you plan for the season.

Happy Holidays!

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