Outclass the Competition with Simple Interview Etiquette

February 25, 2011

Job interview etiquette to nail the job “You wouldn’t believe how many people applied for this job! The competition is fierce. I’m so nervous about the interview.”

Emily looked miserable. If this young lady was going to impress anyone, her confidence needed a serious boost.

I decided to level with her. “Emily, you are absolutely correct. The competition IS fierce. That’s why it takes more than just skills and education to land a great job.

“Qualifications can get you an interview – but class can get you the job.”

Now I had her attention. “Making a classy impression doesn’t usually happen by chance. It’s all about preparation!”

Here’s what I told her to do:

Each step sets you up to feel relaxed and confident when the pressure is on.

Once you get into the interview room:

When the interview comes to a close, be sure to request a card from your interviewer(s) so you can send a handwritten ‘thank you’ note within 48 hours. In the note, be positive and genuine, and if appropriate, refer to something that was discussed in the interview.

Social grace under pressure, specifically, the intense pressure of an interview, always makes a strong impression. It implies a certain degree of personal power, insight and self control, uncommon qualities that any employer would value.

It will give you the “etiquette edge” you need to ace your next job interview!

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