The Etiquette of Facebook Photo Tagging: The Dos and Don’ts of Picture Taking

February 9, 2012

I’m sure you’ve had this happen to you: You’re with friends, enjoying an evening together, and the next morning you log onto Facebook and there you are. And it’s not that you mind having your photo taken, but you weren’t prepared. The lighting was too dim. You weren’t smiling. And the angle the photo was taken at gives you an odd distorted look or makes you look 10 pounds heavier than you are…(yes, we’ve all had those photos taken).

Times have changed. With smartphones, our ability to capture everyday moments is easier than ever. With just one click, our photo-happy friends (and strangers, even) can snap a picture and share it with the world through social media.

If you’re at an event, you know people are going to be taking photos. It’s inevitable. My first suggestion is to be prepared. Smile… a lot.

If you’ve been tagged in a photo on Facebook that you are not particularly thrilled with, you can untag yourself. If a friend or family member took the photo it’s also perfectly acceptable to ask them to remove the photo. Be gentle about it. I’m sure they thought you’d love all the photos they posted!

Not long ago I received a notification that I was tagged in a photo. I clicked on it and it was a picture of an elephant with a man sitting on his back. I wasn’t sure which one I was supposed to be! Either way, I was not impressed!

When on Facebook, adopt this motto: Think twice before you tag!

– Margaret

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