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Motivational Business Speaker Margaret Page

Motivational business speaker As an experienced executive coach and motivational business speaker, Margaret Page helps audiences:

Drawing from an impressive repertoire of experience, Margaret delivers relatable stories and actionable insights with every presentation. Her presentations are fast-paced, fun and informative.

Margaret’s most requested keynotes and workshops:

What People Are Saying

“Margaret is a passionate teacher, leader and speaker who works hard at her craft. She connects with her audience and makes people feel valued. Besides being well prepared and meeting the seminar objectives, Margaret made sure that both sessions were fun! I would highly recommend Margaret as a workshop leader and motivational speaker.”

— Isabelle Southcott, Powell River Women in Business

“I have worked with Margaret and had the opportunity to observe her as a leader, a speaker and a consultant. In each case she exhibited an extraordinary drive to deliver excellence. Margaret is a high energy, proactive, take charge individual who sees the opportunity in every situation and compels others to excel. She is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend Margaret for any endeavor.”

— Shelley McDade, CEO, Sunshine Coast Credit Union

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