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As you consider or are already preparing to take on a leadership and/or political role, you’ll need to uncover the challenges you’ll encounter and arm yourself with the right tools and resources to overcome them . Especially for women considering such opportunities, there are many personal and professional challenges you face that may impede your success.

Working with Political Coach Margaret Page will allow you to realize your strengths and weaknesses and discover ways that you can effectively use them in your favour. Working with Margaret, you will be able to:

You will gain clarity, creative solutions and confidenceto keep you moving ahead. Margaret ensures that you identify and set appropriate goals and provides the support structure, tools and techniques you need to achieve your political goals.

Political consultant, Margaret PageWhy Utilize Political Coach Margaret Page

Political Coach Margaret Page is a member of the International Coaching Federation and graduate of CoachU. With many years of experience as a business person, entrepreneur and leader, Margaret is committed to partnering with you to create a vibrant and rewarding life— the life of a political leader. Margaret will be your support structure throughout the entire process, as she supports, encourages and challenges you to succeed at making a difference.

What People Are Saying

“Margaret works with each individual in a unique way to develop their strengths. I found that her unbiased observations and well thought out reflective listening encouraged me to take realistic risks and learn from the results. She accurately identified the times when I needed to be nudged into action and also the times I needed to stop and take stock of the direction I was heading. Life coaching is a delicate art, and one that Margaret has mastered to perfection.”

— Barb Hobson, Candidate

“Margaret provided consistent, focused, timely support during an intense, short-term project campaign. Level-headed and hard-nosed, balanced with good humour and incredible professionalism, Margaret is a remarkable resource to have on your team.”

— Cathy Basskin, Independent Political Organization Professional

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