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Life and Business Coaching Margaret Page

Imagine… a safe environment to be who you really are, and to gain a deeper understanding of your personal tendencies, motivations, skills and thought processes. Life and business coach Margaret Page serves as a sounding board, mirror and spotlight to bring your dreams and goals into focus. She’ll provide the consistent support you need to build momentum and action.

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Executive Coaching

Achieve new heights of balance, health, confidence and personal magnetism through an in-depth investigation of your values, ambitions, patterns and personal nature.

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Business Coaching

Enhance morale, motivation and productivity, and position yourself for increasing levels of success and satisfaction. With Margaret’s guidance, you can redesign your systems, develop a higher-caliber team, increase revenue, and raise your profile in the marketplace.

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Philanthropy Coaching

Explore the smartest, most effective ways for you to make a difference in the world.

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Coaching for Women in Politics

Discover what you need to succeed in the political arena, and develop a solid platform of values, direction and integrity.

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Life coach, Margaret PageAbout Life and Business Coach Margaret Page

Margaret works with her clients to strengthen their personal foundation, clarify the issues and objectives at hand, and empower them with tools, insights, and the confidence to proceed.

Margaret partners with her clients to work smarter, dream bigger, and live a far more joyful and inspired life. With continued support, clients find themselves contributing at a much higher level and engaging in a much richer game of life.

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