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In today’s competitive world, it’s more important than ever for companies, their executives, and employees to maximize their personal impact by leaving a positive impression. Business etiquette also boosts confidence and makes communication more effective. There are challenges to keeping relevant with modern day etiquette.

There are challenges to keeping up with etiquette in our modern society. New technology emerges constantly. Our global economy makes it necessary for us to understand the do’s and don’ts of social etiquette, especially with cross-cultural business relationships. Outdated etiquette guides or simplistic how-to guides simply do not deliver what you truly need to know. Etiquette expert Margaret Page offers a full suite of services to support ambitious business owners, teams, and individuals to develop a confident, capable, and high-caliber presence in the marketplace.

That’s where Margaret Page comes in.

Etiquette expert Margaret Page offers a full suite of services to support ambitious business owners, teams and individuals in developing a confident, capable, high-caliber presence in the marketplace. She helps professionals:
Margaret Page teaches Etiquette

Specializing in business etiquette training,
Margaret Page helps professionals:

Known for fast-paced, fun and informative keynotes,
workshops and teleseminars, Margaret delivers relatable
stories and actionable insights
with every presentation.

Margaret’s most requested presentations, workshops, group sessions
and teleseminars:

Presentations, Workshops and Group Sessions


Private Consultations

Private consultations are available for individuals seeking customized training. Personal consultations are tailored to suit your specific needs and can include various topics including business, cultural, communication, dining, and personal or social etiquette.


What People Are Saying

“I now feel I would be comfortable dining with dignitaries. Without the etiquette class, I could never have said that.”

— Dana Schultz, Las Vegas, NV

“I am most impressed with Margaret Page’s talent and style. She offers just the right blend of enthusiasm and attention, making learning an enjoyable experience. I am now confident, knowing that I present myself with impact and grace.”

— Dawn Miller

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